Stainless Steel Chrome Bumper Panel Trim is designed to help protect against the elements and will install on the rear bumper your car or truck. All our Chrome Bumper Trim will install in minutes to give your vehicle a clean finish. Each piece is equipped with full double-sided adhesive tape. Follow instructions, peel tape, and stick-on! Perfect for beginners and experts alike. All our stainless steel is given a chrome look, by being polished to a mirror finish. The polished surfaces are protected by a plastic film to be removed after installation. Chrome Bumper Trim is easy to install with a "peel and stick" application of the pre-applied 3M tape on every piece; no drilling, cutting or alterations are required. Stainless Chrome Bumper Trim Panels will add an updated, unique, and elite appearance to -any- vehicle. Add this high-end modern look to your vehicle. Each Stainless Steel Chrome Bumper Trim is manufactured to your year, make and model for a precise fit every time.